Ashley Endo

Academy Coach

Ashley has participated in 

gymnastics since she was seven.

Her love for both the sport and

working with kids has led her to a

passion for coaching which she 

has done since she was twelve. She cannot think of anything better than having fun while helping kids reach their athletic goals in becoming a better gymnast.

Juan Wing 

Academy Coach

​Juan loves to exercise. The

only other thing he loves just

as much is sharing his

knowledge of exercise. He

has experience in many fields

of athletics and performing arts ​such as ballet, modern dance, martial arts, powerlifting, body building, hula dancing, track, swimming, football, parkour, free running, surfing, skateboarding, and of course gymnastics. Throughout his life Juan has done many performances in front of audiences of thousands. Juan likes to inspire students that they can be and do anything, as long as they work hard enough. 


Academy/Team  Coach

Lorena has been part of

gymnastics since she was

small girl. She was a

competitive gymnast for

10 years and graduated high School as a Lelel 9. She attended Long Beach Sate for Kinesiology with a concentration in Coaching. She competed on CSULB's All-Girl Cheer Team and won four National Championships. She has been 10 years of coaching gymnastics with ages 2-18.

SUzanne Caron

Program Director

As a former competitive gymnast,

Suzanne knows the challenges

and rewards that go along with a

sport like gymnastics. She

strives to create an environment that is fun and promotes self-esteem and confidence.  She wants every student to find their place and progress as far as their dreams will take them. Suzanne was introduced to gymnastics when her Mom enrolled her in gymnastics at the age of five. She developed a passion for the sport and worked her way onto one of the nation’s top gymnastics teams where she competed for many years. Having profited in many ways from the lessons she learned as a gymnast, Suzanne is committed to the notion that "fitness isn't an option, it's part of life."   Following in her footsteps, her twelve year-old daughter is also a competitive gymnast.

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JULIEN Williams

Academy Coach

Julien has been practicing

parkour, freerunning,

tumbling, trampoline, and

doing acrobatics for 6 years.

He has coached parkour and freerunning for 2 years and loves sharing his knowledge with others. His favorite color is green and he really enjoys coffee.

Nataly Vargas

Front Office 

Nataly has an office

administrative back ground and

loves kids. She is currently

studying to become a nurse

and is CPR certified. Working in an office in an environment full of children is the perfect place for Nataly. She is also in charge of Parents Night Out  (PNO) and birthday parties.

Clinton HADDIX

Academy/Team Coach

Clinton has been coaching

gymnastics, tumbling and

trampoline and cheer for many

years.  He has a passion for 

coaching kids of all ages and loves his job. Clinton coaches many of our beginning, intermediate and our pre-school classes.  He also coaches Xcel team members. He brings a huge energy to our gym and gets a huge reward from seeing his students progress.

Loana has nearly 18 years of

experience coaching

gymnastics teams around the

world.  In addition, she is a FIG

Brevet Judge and FIG Academy Brevet Coach.  She has close to 10 years of international experience as a judge.  She has served as a judge at World Championship, World Cups, and Multi-Sport Games. Her passion for gymnastics developed at a young age as she worked towards becoming an Elite level gymnast in Puerto Rico.   Loana loves to dance and it shows in her choreography with her knowledge of ballet, jazz, contemporary and, of course, Latin styles.  In addition to her passion for gymnastics, she is passionate about life and is a certified Life Coach. 

loana Cruz

Head Coach - Floor/Beam

Kelley has been coaching

gymnastics for 25 years. His

strong work ethic and

commitment to the sport of

gymnastics is unsurpassed. As a highly respected coach in the gymnastics community, Kelley has produced Elite level gymnasts and has produced numerous National Champions. In additon to coaching, Kelley has been the State TOPS Director for USA Gymnastics. Prior to focusing on gymnastics, Kelley was a consultant for Red Bull, Nike, Billabong and Vans in the Extreme Sports arena and was successful in sending two students to the X Games. Over the past ten years, he has been nominated for Coach of the Year many times and has seen his students reach multiple State, Regional and National titles. Throughout Kelley's coaching career he has had many students earn full scholarships into the National Collegiate Athletic Association.


Myesha Taylor

Academy Coach

Bio coming soon...

Brooke Stetson

​Office Manager

Brooke has nearly 17 years of

coaching experience with both

recreational and competitive

gymnastics. She also has over 10

years of administrative experience as a program director. Brooke absolutely adores kids and has been involved with the sport since the age of 5, both as a competitive gymnast and coach. Gymnastics has essentially been her life as opposed to just her job. Brooke is exceptional with children and we are excited to have her as part of our Flight School family!

HOLLY partridge

Academy Coach

Holly started gymnastics when

she turned 5, just shortly after

she fell in love with the sport

after watching the 1996 Summer

Olympics. She competed in club for 10 years where she was the 2009 Level 9 Western National Vault & All Around Champion. Holly graduated from San Jose State University where she received a full ride scholarship for gymnastics. Gymnastics has been part of Holly's life for 18 years and hopes to continue that for years to come. Holly is an Academy Coach and is excited to be here at Flight School Gymnastics.

CHris Kelley

Head Coach

​Our team coaches share over 50 years of coaching experience. Among them, they have sent numerous gymnasts to State, Regional, and   National level competitions, with many of those gymnasts holding titles at each level. The level of expertise is unsurpassed. The coaches have led teams to numerous state team titles, individual tiles and All Around titles. In the last five years, they have helped many gymnasts get college scholarships to successfully be part of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). They are each passionate and committed the sport of gymnastics. Our academy coaches represent fun, enthusiasm and an excellent knowledge of the fundamentals of gymnastics. They are all certified through USA Gymnastics and are committed to providing a positive experience for each and every student. Our academy coaches were all gymnasts and share the passion for physical fitness and awareness. 

Vilma Santos

Academy Coach

Bio Coming soon

Katrina Zuniga

Team Coach

​Bio Coming soon

Kevin Bhark

Team Coach

​Bio coming soon



Shannon grew up in the sport of 

gymnastics and later turned to 

dance. She was a ​a competitive

gymnast for years and is now

pursuing a Degree in Dance. Shannon has been coaching for a number of years and is very dedicated to coming into the gym to coach when she is not in school. Her dance background gives her a meticulous eye for body shapes.

Sam Lopez

Academy Coach

Bio coming soon...

Ariel Conde

Academy Coach

Bio coming soon...


Academy Coach

Lauren has been involved
with gymnastics since she
was four years old and she
has been coaching for the
past 5 years. She has a passion for the sport and is a highly motivational instructor. She finds a lot of joy watching her students excell 


Academy Coach

Kristen began training in
gymnastics when she was
four years old. Ever since then
she has had a strong passion
for the sport. She competed in gymnastics for several years. She has been coaching for the past five years and enjoys every moment of it. She also enjoys helping children reach their goals and watching them succeed.

hailey Gaspar

Team Coach

​Hailey began the sport of gymnastics

just before she turned 4 years old

and has been involved with the

sport ever since. She competed for 10 years where she was a five-time level 10 Junior Olympic National Championships qualifier and invited to the Olympic Training Camp in Colorado for placing 4th All-Around at the 2009 Level 10 Nationals. After competing in club, Hailey continued her journey competing in the NCAA’s. She graduated from Oregon State University where she received a Full Ride Athletic Scholarship for gymnastics. Hailey is a professional USAG member, Safety & Risk Management Certified, and is looking forward to starting her new chapter with Flight School Gymnastics.